Why Choose Showpass?

Showpass is the fastest growing ticketing company in Canada powering some of the best venues, festivals, sporting events and conferences across the country. This year is going to be an exceptionally special year, with big plans and new updates… make the switch today to take advantage of our amazing features! Here’s why you should be using Showpass…
  1. Sell More Tickets & Improve Efficiency:
We guarantee that you will sell more tickets using Showpass, we have some of the best employees and technology within Canada (humble brag). If you want to know more about our guarantee, let’s set up a demo from our website and we can discuss over the phone orset up a meeting in person!
  1. Unmatched Support & Reliability:
We care! We want your events to be successful and make sure your customers have an outstanding experience. From setup, on-sale and marketing to on-site training, check-in admissions and more, Showpass will ensure you are prepared and positioned for success. Although we are extremely confident in the platform, we are always on-call and respond immediately to any questions or concerns that arise. We also provide 24/7 customer service and support through phone, email or online chat.
  1. Technology:
Our team is serious about technology and is committed to shaping the future of ticketing. Our team focus their efforts on increasing ticket sales via mobile box office, cashless payments, merch/product up-selling during ticket purchase, customer data management, anti-scalping, marketing/re-marketing and affiliate seller technology. Unlike most other ticketing companies, we work very closely with our clients to forecast and build new technology needed to compete in the competitive and dynamic world of ticketing.
  1. Fees:
It costs you nothing to set up an event with us and our fee structure is among the lowest in the world. Check out our typical base fee structures here:www.showpass.com/pricing/
  1. Local:
Who doesn’t like supporting a local business? We are a Canadian company with boots on the ground in every major Canadian market. No more overseas or long-distance calls to support centres.
  1. Get Discovered:
With over 1 million visits per month, we are a major hub for event discovery. Every day, more and more customers are turning to Showpass to find out what events are happening near them! Check out our social media platforms and stay up to date with all of our events.


  1. Marketplace: 
We have a marketplace feature that allows you to up-sell products and merchandise during the checkout process which has a proven 15-20% increase in revenues. Now that you’ve read about why so many event organizers are choosing us, it’s time for you to choose us too. Why wait!? Start doing more today and request your demo here.

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