Event tech leader Showpass expands balcony concert series internationally with The Ritz Carlton

January 27, 2021

Showpass continues exponential growth by continuing to sell out safe in-person concerts during COVID-19

CALGARY, Jan. 25, 2021 –  Showpass, the event technology company who has pioneered over 30 sold out hotel balcony concerts to tens of thousands of fans across North America over the last 6 months is partnering with The Ritz Carlton and Pollstar Top 100 Global Promoter Rush Concerts and D.Johnson Presents, to launch their newest project. The project, “MercyMe Show’tel - Music with a view”  will take place on March 5th & 6th, 2021. Originally planned for one night, the first show sold out within 24 hours and prompted enough demand for a full second show.

This unique Staycation Hotel concert model, which Showpass first debuted to the world this past summer, brings together hundreds of people into the same building to safely enjoy live music once again. This unique concert going experience is a unique venue model that is able to easily comply with the local governments COVID-19 rules and regulations. The hotel balcony layout provides a safe social distancing environment with individual bathrooms, room service capabilities, contactless check-in and check-out, and a room to stay the night in. An added bonus is that it also alleviates the risk of drinking and driving.

“To date, we have partnered with 4 global hotel chains representing over 1000 potential locations, sold 4000+ hotel rooms, and seen tens of thousands of fans enjoy live entertainment, all without one single recorded case of COVID-19,” says Showpass Business Development Executive, Joel Jelinski.

Showpass is actively working with industry partners and A-List entertainment to create a sustainable hotel touring network across the United States. With the continued uncertainty surrounding the return of live events, Showpass is confident that their Staycation concert model will be the much-needed solution for the live entertainment industry in order to transition back into traditional live events.

Tickets for “MercyMe Show’tel - Music With A View,” are on sale now exclusively through on Showpass’ website.