That’s a Wrap for 2017

December 27, 2017

2017 has been an incredibly exciting year for Showpass. Looking back on the last 365 days, it is truly amazing to see what we have accomplished. We continuously work hard to be the fastest growing ticketing company in Canada powering some of the best promoters, venues, festivals, sporting events and conferences across Canada; 2017 has definitely highlighted this!

This year, we moved into a new head office, hired a chef, doubled in staff size and added so many new incredible features to our system. Furthermore, we have expanded substantially by powering events in new locations and opening a new office in Toronto!

The launch and rebranding of our website has been a huge success for both our clients and customers. We have scaled our website and have had endless new feature releases for a higher level of service delivery for all our end users. The most recent and exciting news from 2017 is our switch to our new domain  - we are thrilled!

The top 3 features that we rolled out in 2017 that we are especially hyped about are:

  • The Universal QR Code, only the best feature created! All tickets that you have ever purchased through Showpass will now be on one...single… QR code. The only QR code you will need when attending any event!
  • We are stoked to officially be the first Canadian ticketing company with Facebook Integration. This integration provides the most seamless experience while purchasing your tickets. Find an event on Facebook and purchase your tickets right there without having to leave Facebook.
  • Last but not least, the introduction of our Point of Sale System (POS) has been a huge success for us in 2017! Our POS systems are small, durable, easy to use devices that plug right into your smartphone. This introduction of the POS system alone has allowed hundreds of venues across Canada to sell more tickets, products and/or merchandize right on-site without the brick and mortar cash register.

Most importantly, we want to thank everyone for using Showpass, attending events and supporting our business!

Here’s to 2017! See you on the other side, friends!