The New Showpass App Version 3.0

June 28, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of the new Showpass app, Version 3.0! Our brand new app has been built from the ground up with enhanced features and improved performance. This version introduces a range of updates and improvements to better serve both you and your ticket buyers.

The Showpass App has undergone a complete redesign and rebuild using React Native, boasting a newer and more maintainable technology. This rebuild allows us to provide you with a smoother and more intuitive user experience. In addition, we are merging our dashboard app into this same app, consolidating functionality and making it more convenient for event both you and your attendees.

With the new app, Organizers can now enjoy our new ticket scanning application, specifically designed to streamline the ticket scanning process. This feature enables you to effortlessly scan tickets, products, memberships, and use presets, enhancing efficiency for staff scanning tickets at your events. The ticket scanning application is compatible with Zebra optical scanners, ensuring reliable and adaptable scanning capabilities.

Your event attendees can enjoy an improved user experience, making it easier than ever for them to browse events, purchase tickets, and manage their account, all from within the app. They are able to purchase tickets to your event seamlessly, with various ticket types, event details and pricing options available at their fingertips. Additionally, customers are able to access their universal barcode and add tickets to their digital wallet for easy access and offline usage, ensuring reliable access to your event.

Download the iOS app here

Download the Android app here