Event Organizers Day!

October 23, 2020

October 23rd is Event Organizer’s Day. A day that recognizes the individuals and companies that bring people, ideas and celebrations together through events! This celebratory day in correlation with small business week is the perfect time to celebrate the hard working event organizers that are keeping events alive.

We’re seeing the impacts of how much the absence of events is affecting the economy based on most, if not all events being canceled in the last 7 months. The events industry was the first in line to feel the devastating impact of COVID-19. Many small businesses and self-employed professionals weren’t able to drive a single dollar of revenue because of the policies in place to deal with this crisis. In today’s society event organizing is an integral part of our economy and unfortunately event organizers are among the most acutely affected during this pandemic as their role is entangled within the industries of travel, hospitality and live events.

Although the delivery of events is constantly changing, the role of the event organizers has been around for thousands of years. This job was around in the time of Cleopatra and King Louis XV and has survived many wars, plagues and pandemics. Many of our clients have shown impressive resiliency and are proving why this pandemic, like many in the past, are no match for them.

To all of the event organizers that are a part of our Showpass family, we see you, and we appreciate you! Happy Event Organizers Day!