3 tips for event organizers when selling tickets at the door

March 11, 2019

Tips for selling tickets at the door

We all know you’d prefer your events sell out in advance. It’s why you book great talent. It’s why you offer early-bird ticket sales. And it’s why you invest so much in event marketing. But as you have no doubt seen, despite your grandest efforts, some events simply will not sell out entirely online.

That’s why we need to pay attention to door ticket sales. These event door purchases are often critical to your bottom line. From Showpass’ experience, we have seen in recent months as much as 31% of tickets sales coming from ticket sales at the door.

If you aren’t prepared for the latecomers, your event experience can be negatively impacted. Think about the long lineups and the frustrated customers who can’t get to their seats in time to enjoy your event. And think about the revenue loss that can occur when your box office isn’t equipped to effectively handle transactions at the door.  

Don’t fret though. There is a better way. Here are three best practices every event promoter should follow to cash in on those ticket sales at the door:

1. Streamline entry with ticket and bar code scanners

Point-of-sale apps with ticket and bar code scanning technology allow your staff to use their tablet or smartphone’s camera, to instantly scan and check in your arriving customers. This can be done in a fraction of the time it takes alternative ticket-checking methods, which include reviewing printed tickets and stamping an attendee’s wrist for re-entry.

2. Will that be credit or debit?

Your point-of-sale app should be equipped to process all major and foreign credit and debit cards. And don’t underestimate the convenience and value of tapped transactions. Even the slightest credit card or debit hiccup could negate a potential customer’s impulse to buy a ticket. When the payment process is quick and easy, your lineups move faster, and your customers are happier.

3. Equip your  teams to handle cash

Your point-of-sale app should enable cash handling options. This includes restricting access to select employees or volunteers who handle cash, providing cash boxes that only open when cash transactions are processed, as well as offering data reporting capabilities that synchronize the cash transactions with the credit and debit purchases on your point-of-sale system.

If you’re selling tickets at the door and you don’t want your potential customers exiting Stage Left at the long line-ups in front of them, then invest in a ticketing solution that offers point-of-sale functionality to keeps things running smoothly at the door. Talk to our team at Showpass or check out our POS ticketing solution to see how our technology can help you capture all your event ticket sales, online and at the door.