Trustworthy Plans Tailored to Professionals

Showpass offers peace of mind with transparent pricing and tailored solutions for complex event needs—no hidden fees, no risk.


1 % + $0.59*
For organizers needing a reliable, user-friendly, feature-rich ticketing solution.
  • Create unlimited events that are customized to your brand.

  • Sell tickets from your event page or your own website.

  • Access real-time event data to make informed decisions.


2.5 % + $1.69*
Empowering businesses with comprehensive event tools.
Everything in Essential, plus:

  • Create bundle pricing with Ticket Packages.

  • Design and customize Assigned Seating Maps.

  • Access tracking links for all channels.

  • Upsell and promote event add-ons including food tokens and merchandise.


Custom Pricing
Custom solutions for established businesses with complex event demands.
Everything in Professional, plus:
  • Accelerate ticket distribution with Group Sales.

  • Sell Memberships and boost revenue with member-only perks.

  • Buy Now & Pay Later payment options for your guests.

  • Hardware access options.

  • Dedicated Support

Cost per paid ticket. Payment processing & taxes will apply to all purchased items.
Credit card processing fees are 2.9% plus 30¢ per paid item. Price is shown in CAD but we can work with USD and EUR.
1 % + $0.59*
2.5 % + $1.69*
Custom Pricing
Event setup
Branded event page
Build member-only packages and offerings
Display multiple and recurring events in calendar view
Permission & commission controls
Free event listing on Showpass discovery
Advance payouts for access to capital (terms and conditions to apply)
Event Day
Scan tickets with any phone for free
Printed banners to prompt guests to buy from their phone & skip the line
POS technology for onsite tap payments

All In One Pricing

Showpass displays all charges up-front on ticket purchases even before the checkout process. Customers can expect transparency with no surprises of hidden fees, making for happier guests and successful organizers.

Showpass Versus Alternatives



Transparent Pricing for Customers

Simple Fees

Dedicated Customer and Client Support

Full Organization / Account Control

Group Sales and Distribution Portal

Customizable Event Packages

Scalable for Any Event

META and Google Partnership

Robust Reporting for Actionable Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my package later?

Yes! You can change your package at any time. Contact our in-house support team and we can make the change.

Does Showpass have a free ticketing option?

Yes! All packages are free if you’re hosting a free event.

Does Showpass offer a free trial?

No. However, it’s free to start building an event so feel free to play around and check out the Showpass platform. The ticketing fee only gets charged when you sell a paid ticket. The majority of Event Organizers pass the fee to the customer, which means you can choose to pay nothing out of pocket to use Showpass!

Can I pass on the fees to ticket-buyers?

Yes! The majority of Event Organizers pass the fees on to their buyers, which means you can choose to pay nothing out of pocket to use Showpass! You can choose to pass the fees entirely or pass a portion.

I don’t want the ticket buyer to see the fees, is that possible?

Yes! If you don’t want the buyer to see the fees during checkout, you can absorb the fees. If you do this the fees will come out of your ticket revenue so make sure to consider that when you set your ticket price. Additionally, you can choose to do a partial absorb or a full absorb.

Are there hidden fees or monthly fees for Event Organizers?

No monthly fees. No hidden fees. Showpass only charges a service fee and payment processing fee per paid item.

What currencies are available?

You can sell tickets in CAD, USD or €.

What payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards and prepaid cards are accepted online. At the door, Showpass integrates with Square so you can accept Debit/NFC/Tap/Apple Pay. For smaller events you can also sell tickets using a phone, laptop, iPod or tablet without any additional hardware.

Can I accept donations to my event?

Yes! Simply add-on donations as a product to your event and your customers will be prompted to donate during checkout.

Are there credit card processing fees?

Yes. Credit card processing fees are 2.9% plus 30¢ per paid item.

When do I get paid?

Your funds are deposited in the first few business days, the week following your event.

What tier is right for me?

If you're still unsure which tier is right for you click Request Demo. We're happy to have a conversation with you so we can understand your specific business needs.

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