How The Showpass Team Stays Active During Social Distancing

April 14, 2020

With offices, gyms, and even some public spaces closing down, it may be hard to find the motivation to participate in daily activity routines. It is easy to fall into the trap of moving from your home office to the couch at the end of the workday. It is even easier to forget to get moving throughout the day without your co-workers inviting you for coffee walks. To help our team manage this, we created a 30 day health and wellness challenge! We’ve also included some other tips that we use at Showpass to make sure that your team stays active while working from home.


Wellness Challenge

Creating a challenge that is focused on healthy eating, working out, and general wellbeing is a great way to encourage your whole team to continue positive habits while working from home! Setting up your team with a wellness challenge will help to make sure that they take breaks throughout the day, and is a fun way to stay connected while working from home.

The way we set up our wellness challenge makes it easy for everyone to participate! Each day at 9:00 am, an automated message stating the day’s challenge is sent to a Slack channel. This challenge runs for 30 days, continuing on the weekends as well! We found that creating a fun name for the channel will get everyone excited right away (we named ours Showpass-Showdown). 

To track our challenge, we used a template from Coda and an automation between Coda and Slack to post the daily challenge. We also encourage our team to post pictures on Slack to share their journey of the daily challenge, which helps create excitement and conversation (and friendly competition)!

         Some of the challenges that we have included are:

1. Do 100 squats throughout the day

2. Do a virtual workout with friends

3. Post a book or podcast that you are trying to finish

4. Cook a random recipe with ingredients from your pantry

You know your team best! Although we chose these specific challenges, what you may choose for your team doesn’t have to look exactly like this. Get creative and add challenges that you know your team will love and be engaged with.


Create a Wellness Channel in Slack

While working from home, your team might find a new healthy recipe that they love, a workout app, or a great podcast that they enjoy listening to before work each day. Creating a Slack channel that is related to health and wellness allows for a break from work conversation and promotes a healthy lifestyle!


Gym Allowance

Although the gyms are closed, having a fitness allowance is a great way to ensure that your team is finding different ways to be fit at home. This monthly allowance can be used for gym equipment, online workout plans, and virtual personal training sessions. Encourage your team to share what they spend their allowance on to get others excited! 


Here at Showpass, we love these three strategies while working from home, but we are always looking for new ways to keep our team healthy and active! If your company is doing something different that is promoting positive wellness, we’d love to hear about it.