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Who Is Showpass?

Showpass is more than just a ticketing company - it's our way of bringing people amazing experiences. We get out of bed and come to work everyday because we want to make everything before, during and after the event, better. Some big players may have tarnished the industry, but we know there’s a better way.
Empowering event organizers with tools that elevate the fan experience.
Reigniting the joy of live experiences.

We Believe In


We believe in thinking outside of the box to allow new ideas to flow and creativity to take place.


We prioritize continuous learning, exploration, and a thirst for knowledge, encouraging team members to question and approach challenges with curiosity.


Our co-working office, group communications, and open door policy allow teams to work together and share information to achieve success and maximize ideas.


We embrace a mindset of adaptability, and forward-thinking. encouraging teams to take calculated risks to drive positive change.
Core Values

The GUAC Life

GUAC represents Showpass’ core values that every team member aims to achieve!
1. Grow Relentlessly

What does this mean?

Continuous growth and reflection allows our team to adapt to any situation to continuously improve.

How can I apply this?

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box and get out of your comfort zone. We encourage a passion for growth both personally and professionally.

2. Understand the Value of Time

What does this mean?

Time is our most valuable resource! Make the best use out this limited asset.

How can I apply this?

Focus on maximizing the trade-off between time input and value creation in your decision making. Be proactive, prioritize, and refine processes.

3. Act Like an Owner

What does this mean?

Make decisions as if it were your own business, while always considering what is in the best interest of Showpass clients, customers and stakeholders.

How do I apply this?

Take pride and responsibility with everything that you do. Execute on things that will make the company successful as a whole.

4. Consider Future Impact

What does this mean?

Always be thinking a few moves ahead! This helps reveal potential challenges or opportunities you are creating down the line.

How can I apply this?

When making decisions, consider how it may impact the future as well as the larger influence it could have on the business. Don't be afraid to go against conventional thinking and have confidence in your decisions.


Showpass Perks

We create an environment where people can be their happiest and healthiest! To promote our teams well-being, we have a comprehensive benefits program and lots of exciting (and delicious) perks.

In-House Chef

Our in house chef will keep your stomach happy to keep the creativity flowing.

Gym Allowance

This generous plan gives flexibility to do the things you love that keep you active and feeling energized.

Health Benefits

Our health benefits plan provides you with access to essential providers to support a healthy well-being both physically and mentally.

Dog Friendly

We love our ShowPups!

Learning & Development

We offer regular learning and development sessions on various topics ranging from technical skills, industry insight, health and wellness.

Unlimited Snacks & Coffee

Who doesn’t love unlimited access to snacks and caffeine?

Team Bonding

From bowling to golf adventures to paint nights, Showpass is always up for a fun activity as a team!

Unlimited Vacations

Flexible time-off with an unlimited vacation policy.

"I really love the flexibility. If you want to try something new, Showpass is open to it and takes your input seriously. You’re not stuck doing things the same way they have always been done."


Marketing Lead

"Showpass is an exciting place to work with great management and the opportunity to grow and take on new responsibilities each day. I couldn’t be happier to work with Showpass and contribute to new technology that is changing the event industry."


Outside Sales Lead

"I’m proud to be part of the amazing team at Showpass and work with extremely smart and driven people who inspire me to grow everyday. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, is meaningful and appreciated by all."


Front End Lead

Ready to Make an Impact?


Meet the People Behind Showpass

Canadian grown and headquartered out of Calgary, AB. Showpass is growing rapidly under the passion of these innovative, forward-thinking leaders.
Lucas McCarthy
CEO & Founder
Tyler Vasselin
Marc Eshleman
Director of Product
Christine Pocza
Director of Customer Success
Erin Trout
Chief of Staff

Show Pups

Some of the furry friends working at Showpass.
Chief Dog Officer
Chief Happiness Officer
Chief Bark Officer

Come Make an Impact With Us

We're looking for the best of the best! Is that you?
Accounting & Payroll Administrator
Calgary, AB
Business Development Representative
Calgary, AB
Client Success Manager
Calgary, AB
Senior Full Stack Developer
Calgary, AB

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