Showpass Welcomes New Legislation on Ticket Pricing with “Junk Fee Prevention Act”

April 5, 2023

The event industry has long struggled with hidden fees, which are charges that are not revealed until the final stage of a transaction. However, a new legislation called the “Junk Fee Prevention Act” is set to change all of that. The U.S announced this proposed legislation, and Canada quickly followed suit within its 2023 budget!

This act would require a mandatory “all-in” pricing model, where the ticket price is fully disclosed to consumers upfront (which Showpass has implemented since 2021, read our case study on it here). While this move may worry some ticketing companies, Showpass has always been dedicated to providing fair and transparent pricing to customers.

Showpass believes that clear and upfront pricing should be standard in the industry. Organizers using ticketing companies that have these kinds of fees should be prepared for a total overhaul of their pricing structure and back-end functions.

Showpass welcomes this new legislation and supports the efforts of both governments to create a fairer ticketing environment for all!

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