Showpass Redefines Concert Pre-Sales by Putting “RealFans” First and Leveraging Streaming Technology

May 9, 2023

Showpass, the country’s largest event ticketing platform, has just released its latest innovation that is centered around combating bots and resellers. By leveraging the world’s most popular audio streaming platform's API, and collaborating with Canadian Startup, Renaissance, Showpass has built a transformative tool, RealFan, that connects artist’s top listeners to exclusive concert pre-sales.

This never-before-seen feature allows music fans to connect their streaming platform account to RealFan to compete against other registrants to rank as the top listener. Top listeners, or ‘RealFans’, who listen to the artist the most between the registration and pre-sale period, are granted early access to concert tickets for the corresponding artist.

RealFan ensures that only the most dedicated fans get the chance to score first-dibs to their favourite artists' concerts. By eliminating bots and prioritizing fans with the highest listening time, Showpass is giving the power back to music enthusiasts!

"After seeing the major disappointment and frustrations that fans have faced in recent on-sales from other companies, we wanted to enhance the buyer experience and create a solution that puts real fans first. This shared vision led us to create RealFan.” Showpass CEO, Lucas McCarthy, said. “With this game-changing solution, RealFans can now secure their tickets before they're even released to the public."

Dave East, popular rapper and hip-hop artist, is the first to launch a RealFan pre-sale competition for his first ever visit to Canada, consisting of a 19-stop tour. This partnership supports Showpass' commitment to working directly with artists and providing unique opportunities for their fans.

Wondering how it works? First, users sign up for the artist’s registration announcement on Showpass. Then, on registration day, users will be able to connect their music streaming account to Showpass and choose a concert location to compete in. From the start of the competition until the end date, users must listen to the artist as much possible to rack up their listening time. Those who rank the highest will be sent a code that provides them exclusive early access to tickets for the location they registered for.


Are you ready to take your listening to the next level? Head here to try it for yourself!

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