Hotel Balcony Concerts, the next step for live music in North America amidst COVID-19

June 25, 2020

CALGARY, June 25, 2020 – Showpass is transforming the live music industry. The event platform created a brand-new concert going experience called “Staycations” that is sweeping the nation. Showpass partnered with the hospitality and entertainment industry to create an environment where music can be safely enjoyed in person again. The concert series utilizes pool decks and court yards as stages and hotel room balconies as box suites. After launching on Monday in Calgary, interest from cities all over North America have come flooding in.

This concept makes it possible to bring hundreds of people into the same building for live music once again, the best part being that its government approved. Alberta Health Services gave approval for Showpass to move forward with the concerts late last week.


“The goal of this project is to get as many folks in the music industry - from musicians & crew members, to agents & promoters -back to doing what they love and most importantly, getting paid to do it.” says Showpass CEO Lucas McCarthy.


This initiative will help to stimulate local economies and create a new and profitable live music event model to safely bring music to fans. By design, the hotel layout provides a safe social distancing environment with individual bathrooms, room service capabilities, contactless check in& check out, and a room to stay the night in, alleviating drinking and driving concerns and complying with all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.


The entertainment and hospitality industry have been two of the most impacted industries due to COVID-19, with the majority of large-scale music festivals being cancelled and with hotel vacancy rates increasing. TheStaycation concert model will help to bring both industries back to life.


“Hotels Live is proud to collaborate with Showpass to bring live music back to the world. By providing a truly exclusive entertainment experience, we know this hotel balcony series will be our first of many to come” says Rob Cyrynowski of Livestar Entertainment Canada/ Hotels Live.


More concert dates across North America are expected to be announced soon. Showpass has partnered with hundreds of the best hotel concert venues and is actively partnering with additional artists, festival and venue operators, promoters, and agencies to bring more events to reality. For more information on finding a suitable hotel venue and how to work with one of the Showpass hotel partners to host an event, visit the Showpass website at