How Showpass is Changing Online Ticket Sales on Facebook

December 30, 2017

Showpass Facebook Purchase from Lucas McCarthy on Vimeo.

Showpass, Canada’s fastest-growing event and ticketing platform, is pleased to announce a ticketing partnership with Facebook in Canada.

As an industry thought leader focused on mobile event management and customer service, Showpass is pleased to be one of Facebook’s first native ticketing partners, which gives ticket buyers the ability to transact directly on the Facebook event page.

Facebook brings communities together with local events where users can discover parties, concerts, charitable events, and just about everything else taking place near them.

Scoring tickets to these events just got a major upgrade too.

Lucas McCarthy, CEO of Showpass, shared what has helped make the blossoming company an industry leader in such a short time:

“The ticketing industry has focused more on consolidation rather than solving customer pain in recent years, making it ripe for radical innovation. . . Our whole company is insanely passionate about putting innovation and customer service first. We are focused on helping customers expand their networks and their abilities to sell tickets, merchandise, and more. Working closely with Facebook amplifies our ability to give our customers the tools to truly increase their top and bottom lines.”

Some of the features that Showpass provides users to fulfill these goals include a seller network that significantly extends the potential reach of an event, a custom branded Marketplace for selling merchandise, a mobile point-of-sale plugin to take payments for tickets, ticket discounts for buyers who share their purchases on social media, and a slew of other compelling and effective elements.

Showpass serves an expanding variety of organizers including festivals, venues, universities, sports and trade show clients; and that assortment is about to become even more diverse, thanks to this partnership with Facebook.

Technology works best when it simplifies a process for both ends of a transaction. Showpass and Facebook have succeeded in simplifying the world of ticket sales, and because the goal has been innovation without complexity, everybody wins.