Game-Changer: Ticketing & Fan Experiences in the World of Sports

February 26, 2024

In the bustling city of Vancouver, the Vancouver Giants, a renowned hockey team in Canada, found themselves at a crossroads. The Langley Events Centre, their home turf, needed a ticketing makeover and was exploring options to replace their existing solution. The Vancouver Giants, having tried various platforms, were no strangers to the ups and downs of the event and ticketing world.

Navigating Hurdles

The Vancouver Giants were grappling with poor customer service from their previous ticketing company, both for their customers and themselves. Frustrated by a lack of responsiveness, the Giants needed a partner who genuinely cared about their success.

Being seasoned players in the event organization game, the team also knew that customization was key. They were on a quest for a committed and agile partner who could help optimize their digital operations with a personalized and hands-on approach.

After an extensive search for a dedicated partner, the Vancouver Giants ultimately landed on Showpass to enhance their ticketing experience, marking the beginning of a dynamic collaboration.

“Showpass nailed it, their user-friendly system and ongoing support have made our ticketing smoother than ever. It's been a breeze working with them." - Vancouver Giants

Streamlined Solutions

From day one, Showpass collaborated closely with the Giants, tailoring ticketing options that aligned with the team's events.

Personalized solutions implemented included:

  • Custom Gift Cards: This not only provided fans with a unique gifting option but also contributed to an uptick in sales and engagement.
  • Streamlined Website Integration: To streamline and simplify the purchasing process, the Giants utilized Showpass widgets for direct purchases on their website.
  • Custom Ticket Builds: Recognizing the multiple layers in sports ticketing, Showpass helped the Giants create specialized ticketing options tailored to their audience and venue.

Implementation, which is often the trickiest part of any system change, turned out to be a breeze. The Giants faced no roadblocks, and the real success unfolded post-implementation.

Key success factors for the Giants included:

  • Discount Codes: The utilization of discount codes added an element of delight for fans while serving as powerful promotional tool for the team.
  • User-Friendly System: The platform proved to be easily navigated and user-friendly, making it smooth for all their partners, from customers to scanners, to utilize.
  • Ongoing Support: Support didn't just stop at the initial setup, Showpass continued to actively assist the team from ticket builds to customer support needs.
  • Interactive Seating Map: The use of seating maps for games added another layer of interactivity for fans, allowing them to visualize and select their preferred seating arrangements.

What truly made a difference for the Giants was not just Showpass’ web-based capabilities, but also the robust support system that catered to both the team and their fans’ needs, with a strong level of responsiveness and understanding. This personalized assistance not only ensured that the Giants received dedicated support for their specific requirements but also extended a heightened level of support to the fans.

The Impact

A commitment to continuous improvement and a genuine willingness to assist in any way possible built a long-lasting relationship between Showpass and the Giants. The system continues to evolve based on customer and client feedback, and the Giants have turned their ticketing journey into a winning story that echoes through the Langley Events Centre.

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