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Showpass is the ticketing company that puts you and your fans first. We love technology and live to bring the best possible experience to both event organizers and their ticket buyers

SEtup events

Create events in minutes,
solo or assisted.

Need assigned seating? No problem.
Want to show off your venue? You got this.
Want to manage discounts, multi-date tickets, product add ons, and more?
Showpass’ ticketing platform is your new best friend.

Try on your own, but know we’re always just a click away.

Sell Out

Sell where your customers are ready to buy.
No hassles, no redirects.

Extra clicks and redirecting to another site for checkout can drop your sales 3-4x.
Showpass is built to help organizers sell more, sell faster and sell out.

Have a lot of fans on Facebook?
Showpass’ Facebook integration lets your buyers purchase right from your Facebook event page in just two clicks.
Want to keep guests on your site?
Our white-label ticketing checkout allows your customers to seamlessly checkout directly on your website – with no redirects. Wordpress, Squarespace, custom site? We’ve got you covered.
Last minute buyers at the door?
Quickly sell tickets through Showpass at the doors, for cash or credit. Track those sales and dollars at the gate, so you never have to worry about your cashbox.
Sell More tickets

Sell out and sell more,
before your event.

You’re always in control of your ticket sales, with real-time tracking. Adjust your sales channels and pricing to sell out your event, with early-bird specials and discounts to sell the last remaining tickets.

Need to grow your average checkout? We have ticket packages, merchandise and product add-on features to get more dollars from your customers.


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Why more and more organizers choose Showpass.

Every industry is unique. Our innovative event management platform is loaded with features to keep every event organizer – organized.


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Music Venues

Sporting Events

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Give your fans a great experience, from check out to check in.

Faster check ins mean less time waiting. Online chat support for fans makes them happy. And all they need on the day of their event is in their pocket.

Start using our advanced ticketing platform to give your clients the experience they deserve.


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