Assigned Seating Table Updates

February 6, 2023

The new assigned seating feature provides customers with an improved ticket purchasing experience, while allowing organizers to create more organized and streamlined seating arrangements for their events.

With Showpass’ new assigned seating update, event organizers and venues can now offer their customers a more organized and accurate seating selection process. Organizers now have the ability to further customize the seating map offering a more seamless seating selection process.

The new assigned seating feature comes with several benefits. The addition of semi-circle tables allows organizers to create unique seating arrangements for their guests, while the ability to hide table/location names in a section helps to declutter maps and simplify the selection process for the customer. Furthermore, the new option to force full purchases of tables ensures that tables are always purchased as a complete unit, reducing the possibility of incomplete or mismatched seating arrangements.

To learn more about Assigned Seating, reach out to your Client Success Manager.