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Modern tools that make building any event a breeze.


Sell Tickets Directly On Your Site

Allow customers to purchase tickets directly from your website with no redirects and no third parties. Completely white-label your event.


Powerful and Robust Reporting on Every Event

Get detailed event reporting on your events for informed decision-making. View ticket breakdowns, including early-bird sales, event add-ons, and discount code usage.


Powerful Event Discovery, Checkouts, and Experiences

Build your events on a platform your customers can rely on.

Lightning-fast checkouts with advanced payment integrations like Affirm.
Cutting-edge event discovery with new event categories and search functionalities.
Secure events with robust fraud and scalper protections.
Box Office

Sell Tickets In-Person and Online in Minutes

Selling court-side seats, branded foam fingers, and festival tickets made effortless.
Promotions Made Simple

Apply multiple discounts for ticket orders in seconds. Streamline your process.

Effortless Up-Sells
Increase revenue by cross selling with your other events, memberships, and merchandise, all in one transaction.
Flexible Exchanges
Give your customers the ultimate flexibility! Exchange tickets for new dates/times with one click.

Take Payments at the Door Quickly & Securely

Sell tickets at the door with our POS integrations. Track all of your payments made with card or cash in real time.
*Showpass supports a variety of hardware technology from cash drawers to printers including; Square, Zebra Optical, Micronics, Boca and more.

Skyrocket Reach With META and Google

Take advantage of partner integrations for direct and fast ticket purchases.

Seamless Workflows and System Connectivity

Utilize Webhooks to connect Showpass with your other systems. From event notifications to order updates, automate your workflows to link with Showpass.

Mobile App

Seamless Mobile Experiences

A mobile app for lightning-fast ticket purchases

With the app, customers can discover nearby events, make purchases, and access tickets on their phone.

On-the-go  scanning and live data at your fingertips

View real-time event statistics, check-in guests, and sell tickets all through one Event Organizer app.


Promote Your Events to the People Most Interested

Focus on your audience with Showpass’ multi-channel marketing and analytics tools.


Let guests know about your events with our built-in email system. Make event announcements simple with targeted customer emails.


Amplify your promotions by sending text messages to your customer base through our SMS technology.


Create custom or bulk discount codes for event sponsors, volunteers, and customers. Limit the number of times a discount can be used, and track the use of each code.

Tracking Links

Discover the source of your ticket sales by creating custom tracking links that can be used for social posts, event affiliates, and promoters.

Empowering Organizers With World-Class Event Tools

Hosting memorable experiences requires having access to the best tools.


Add on a new revenue stream to your organization with the introduction of member-only offerings like discounts.

Group Sales
Speed up ticket distribution by providing sponsors with a portal to distribute tickets allocated to them.
Assigned Seating
Let your attendees get a glimpse of what they’re buying and easily choose where they want to sit, with customized layouts.

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