Get your event up and running in minutes


Creating and selling events is as easy as 1,2,3

Setup your event ticketing

Setup the event

Start with the description and photos about your event.

Create ticket details like date

Setup the details

Choose your location, the date and time of your event.

Setup ticket sales

Setup ticket sales

Build everything from early bird to general admission tickets.

Setup ticket discounts
for more ticket sales
This is the online ticketing platform that lets you set it and forget it.

Set the tickets and quantities, and we’ll automatically release the next tier when they’re sold out.

Create season ticket packages and bundle tickets for multiple shows.

Incent your fan base to get access to your event over the entire weekend or for multiple shows.

You tell our software what you need, and it makes it happen.

merchandise add-ons

Get +15% more revenue by selling merchandise early

Why wait until your doors are open to make money?

Get ahead by selling food, beverages, Skip-The-Line and merchandise while your guests are checking out. Be one of the general managers who enjoys more sales before the event even starts.
Event merchandise add ons

assigned seating

Give customers the view they want

Let your attendees get a glimpse what they’re buying and easily choose where they want to sit.
Offer variable pricing & season tickets.
Need a special layout for your venue? No worries – we’ll create a customized one for you, easily.

Event tickets with assigned seating