Showpass Memberships

What is it?

Showpass Memberships allow Organizers to offer member only perks to customers of their events! From VIP access to member-only discounts, you can create exclusive offerings for event-goers.

With Memberships, Showpass Organizers can tap into a new revenue stream, build loyalty, streamline events, and more.

Who would benefit from Memberships?

Clubs & associations that offer benefits that need to be renewed on a variable frequency.
Simplify the renewal process with Showpass Memberships.

Organizations with ongoing general admission events (i.e. seasonal passes).
Organizations with ongoing events can offer members access to free or discounted tickets, alongside other perks.

Multi-day festivals with advanced access control.
Organizations that require advanced access control and need a single barcode with scan-in/out capabilities. All while allowing members to access free or discounted tickets.

Attraction styled organizations with daily scan access.
Start offering member only perks and exclusive benefits to skyrocket repeat customers.

Live shows such as concerts.
For organizations that have concerts and live shows, Memberships allow for monetization of the "Free RSVP" or "Free Entry Before 10 p.m." model.

How does it work?

Enable -  If you think memberships are for you, you can reach out to your Showpass Client Success Manager or contact to have this feature enabled for your organization.

Add Benefits - Once you have access to this feature, you can start building out your memberships, such as adding different levels and benefit types.

Go Live - Set your membership visibility to “Public” and start selling to potential customers!

Benefits & Scan In - Customers with a membership can start using the benefits associated with their membership, such as discounted prices and scanned access to member-exclusive events. Organizers can scan in Memberships like any other ticket!

Analyze Stats
Review Memberships statistics, history, and performance on your Showpass Dashboard.

Organizers can set a renewal frequency to their membership offerings and customers will automatically be prompted to renew their cards.


Increase event revenue with additional offerings for customers.
This increased revenue means you can afford to do more of what you want when running your events, i.e. you can finally afford that live band you’ve been wanting hire.

Build loyalty with your community.
Offer exclusive benefits and discounts that attract repeat customers.

Reduce the costs involved in running your event.
Lower costs associated with running your events; i.e. save money on wristbands by making RFID tags obsolete.

Customizable digital wallets.
Membership customer cards can be saved in multiple places such as Apple/Google Wallet and can be customized with your branding!

Instant access and updates.
Once a Membership is purchased, customers receive instant access to event perks. Membership cards will also automatically update with event changes.

Inventory management.
Allow members to access a shared inventory pool, resulting in no unused inventory, and real-time supply management across customer groups.

Advanced control.
Manage multiple event access control points with a single barcode alongside scan-in/out capabilities, allowing for real-time capacity monitoring.

All-in-one solution.
Fully integrate your Membership offerings with your event ticketing, all under the same platform.


Assigned Seating Events
Customers cannot purchase a membership that is tied to a seat for a season pass where you get the same seat all season (i.e. theaters).

Site Widgets
Customers cannot purchase a membership through a widget. Memberships must be purchased directly on Showpass.

More Information

Contact to enable Memberships for your organization!

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