Custom Tax and Organizer Fees

July 10, 2020

Rate Cards are an efficient way for organizers to charge custom fees and taxes on tickets. They allow organizers to have full control over how they’d like to charge customers.

Organizers can create fees and taxes at different levels of the organization from the venue level, event level, ticket and/or product level. For instance, organizers can charge a different fee on the same ticket type for an online purchase vs an in-person purchase. Alternatively, you could charge an environmental tax on paper tickets over an electronic ticket.

Rate cards are hierarchical, meaning they automatically inherit settings from the above levels, unless overridden.

For example, ticket types will inherit fees and taxes from both the venue and the event level. Where as the ticket type rate cards will have no effect on the event or venue level. This is helpful to organizers as it reduces workload and inaccuracies when setting up an event. This also means organizers can have different rate cards setup on different ticket types. However, both will inherit fee settings from the venue and event level.

By default there are no rate cards created which means the organizer must create and configure the rate cards to begin charging custom fees or taxes.

Creating a rate card on any level will add the custom fee or tax as a line item during checkout and on the invoice.

Rate cards will help organizers streamline their setup process more efficiently while also improving their fee setup. For more information on rate cards, click here!