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Welcome to your ultimate event management tool - your Organizer Dashboard! With just a few clicks, you can create and manage your event like a pro.

Additional Perks:  real-time support, onboarding sessions, mobile dashboard app


Build your event to your unique needs. Have a seating map? Use Assigned Seating to customize your tickets to the venue.

Additional Perks: customizable event page, ticket packages, discounts, season passes


Take your ticketing to the next level with new features like Memberships. Memberships allow you to offer member-only perks to customers.

Additional Perks: merchandise & product add ons, gift cards, donations


Add and manage your network of promoters and sellers through the Network Management tool.

Additional Perks: staff insights, tracking links, seller reports, scan history


Push your reach with Showpass’ discovery and search platform with 3M+ users searching for events each month.

Additional Perks: email communication, site widgets, META integration, Google integration


Looking to launch and sell your event with ease? Group Sales can seamlessly sell large batches of tickets and help your partners distribute them in a flash.

Additional Perks: virtual waiting room, password protected on-sales, tracking links

The Big Day

Enjoy a smooth and stress-free event day, thanks to our seamless guest scanning and entry tracking.

Additional Perks: POS technology, app scanning, box office, guest lists, onsite staff, live reporting

Post Event

Build lasting connections by following up with guests after your event! Send personalized reviews and thank you emails.

Additional perks: reporting and analytics


Painless Ticketing for Customers


Put your events on everyones radar! Guests can directly find events on Showpass’ discovery platform with advanced event categories and search functionalities.

Additional Perks: Google integration, the Showpass discovery site, site widgets


Make it easier than ever for guests to checkout with payment plan tools. Customers can now shop and pay later.

Additional Perks: product add ons, discounts, mobile purchases, event calendars


With just a few taps, customers can add tickets to their Apple and Google Wallet! Easy and simple digital access.

Additional Perks: mobile app, PDF tickets, hard-copy tickets


Refunds are no longer the only option. Guests can now Exchange tickets to new time slots for free.

Additional Perks: ticket transfers, event credit


No more fumbling for tickets at the gate - customers can simply pull up their Showpass Universal Barcode and scan into any event under their account.

Additional Perks: VIP member access, RFID alternatives


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Take event management to the next level with evolving technology.

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