Here’s why thousands of event organizers choose Showpass to sell tickets.

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Showpass’ online ticketing software can handle any event, no matter how large or how complicated.

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How event organizers sell out and sell more with us.

Create event

Easy setup

Create your event in minutes, and use features to let your guests pick the seats they want, release tickets when you want, and more.

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More ticket sales

More ticket sales

Our clients can make 3-4x more ticket sales, by keeping ticket-buyers on their site or Facebook page with our easy-to-install widgets and plugins.

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Mobile ticket payments

Bigger box offices

General Managers can turn retail outlets, schools, hotels, sponsors, vendors and even employees into a mobile box office that accepts cash, credit or debit. Only a smartphone is required.

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Mobile Box Office

Mobile managed shows

Event planners love keeping tabs on their business from their phone. They can change inventories, manage employees & permissions, edit events, track real-time results, and even check-in tickets with a few swipes.

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Live help

Live help for you

Organizers can connect with the Showpass team, online or on the phone, for all matters regarding their business. Ticket-purchasers also receive a friendly response from our team, regarding questions about their purchase.

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Alberta Beer Festivals

"Showpass is by far the best ticketing company we have ever had the pleasure of partnering with. After working with many other companies over the years, we have seen a comprehensive range of what the industry has to offer and Showpass stands head and shoulders above them all. "


Whistler Film Festival

"Showpass is a flexible and intelligent team of dedicated individuals who work with our festival intimately and are open to catering to our many needs. They provide great client-customer care and have revolutionized my experience with box office systems!"


Vancouver VR Film Festival

"From the ticketing and registration platform, to the use of the physical hardware readers to ensure a smooth check-in experience for all our attending guests, we were able to call our second annual festival event a true success because of this!"