The All-In-One Pricing Movement

February 24, 2022
“If a ticket is going to cost me more than the posted price, I need to know sooner, not later!” - Event Goer

2021 marked several major movements for Showpass. One which we hope will set a new standard, is all-in-one pricing, marking Showpass as the first major ticketing company to successfully globally roll it out.

Many other companies have supported drip pricing as a means to price gouge or foster profits away from other stakeholders, going as far as using psychology to support their thesis that drip pricing increases total basket size. We want to prove that any increase in basket size is counterproductive to overall sales as the increase in customer complaints, alongside the basket abandonment will reduce sales and increase servicing costs, resulting in a reduction of overall profits for event organizers.

This is another step to push for an honest marketplace in the ticketing industry. It's time, isn't it? Before guests click through the checkout process, they see final prices upfront. All in one pricing, with no hidden fees, is a win-win for the ticket buyer and organizer as it creates transparency and a better purchasing experience.

Future Regulations

Many major ticketing providers are still using post-checkout fees to gain sales. The New York Times referenced Ticketmaster’s hidden fees noting “For a single ticket, the $15 advertised price is in fact $22.50 — an increase of 50 percent” [source].

As legislation moves towards transparent pricing, organizations that do not commit to adjusting their pricing features may eventually be required to. In Canada, The Competition Bureau is already urging “sporting and entertainment ticket vendors to review their marketing practices and display the real price of tickets upfront” [source]. Other officials such as FTC Commissioner are on board with pushing all-in-one pricing to better the industry [source].

Increased Conversion Rates

The launch of all-in-one pricing on Showpass’ platform prompted a data collection process from the Showpass team that uncovered the impact on event purchases. Showpass did a thorough examination of event purchases, clicks, and traffic on its platform to uncover the before and after impact of all-in-one pricing on events. Data was based on numbers collected the week before all-in-one pricing went live and the same day all-in-one pricing went live. Data revealed significant increases in event organizers’ conversion rates for ticket purchases. Check out the change in conversion rates from all-in-one pricing below.

What Do Buyers Think?

Showpass surveyed event-goers to gain their perspective on the new pricing structure and purchasing experience. Check out some of the feedback below.

“I love all in one pricing. If I have a choice over another site that doesn't do this, I'll choose yours.”

“I like seeing the real actual full honest price, hidden fees make me skeptical”

“Great plan! I hate hidden fees on anything and usually just cancel in the middle of an order.”

Themes from the survey encompass the below:

- Many customers respect companies who are honest and transparent.

- All-in-one pricing can make budgeting easier.

- Hidden fees make customers less likely to purchase in the future and create distrust in a company.

It is time the ticketing industry takes a stand on better customer experiences and rebuilds the reputation of the industry.

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