How Showpass Is Helping Theatre Venues

October 13, 2020

The Showpass platform has been built to accommodate all different types of venues, including theatres with complex ticketing requirements. We’ve done our research in order to make thoughtful decisions on Showpass software updates that perfectly fit this venue model. We have curated a list of our most notable software capabilities to get your venue on sale and bringing in revenue as soon as possible while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Online streaming:

With the change in event delivery because of Covid-19, we have created a way to sell virtual tickets to your shows as well. This can be used for fully virtual showings, or showings that are both in person and with a virtual element as well. You can livestream tickets alongside regular tickets to supplement for limited capacity in-person shows. With Paygate streaming you are able to sell tickets for livestreams and hide the video behind an authenticated page where the user must be logged into the Showpass account that made the purchase. The best part is that your customers are not required to download any external program, or visit another website to view the Livestream!

Increasing revenue:

Capture revenue ahead of time by selling food, beverages, parking, VIP upgrades, and merchandise while your guests are buying tickets. Concussion add-ons can be created to up-sell products at the ticket checkout; much like hotel accommodations, merchandise or food & beverage tokens within the same transaction.

Sell more tickets:

Sell tickets with two-clicks with any Facebook event. Facebook followers receive notifications when tickets go on sale and reminders before your event! This makes the ticket purchasing process that much easier for buyers. We also have a Google integration, where a ‘Buy Tickets’ button appears directly on your business profile when searched.

Assigned seating:

A major difference in theatres vs other venues is the need for assigned seating. We’ve got the capability to build and create your own seating maps right in the Showpass Dashboard or we can help you create it!

Donation with Benevity integration:

Showpass is the only ticketing company with Benevity integration. This integration makes it easy to accept donations during the checkout process, without customers being redirected. Donation amounts can be pre-set or customized when transacting. Showpass has a direct donation management integration through Canadian-based Benevity. Donations can be included as an up-selling item during the transaction process and/or a separate ‘Donations’ tab can be embedded in your website.

Scanning options:

All of our scanning methods are contactless, for the safety of you and your customers. These scanning options include: Handheld scanners that can scan tickets quickly and easily from any cell phone, and self-serve scanners this is an external scanner. The external scanner is perfect for the promotion of social distancing as it can be placed at a safe distance from team members and customers. In addition, we have a universal barcode, where each customer is given a unique code that includes all purchases. Multiple tickets can be purchased by one person and with the barcode it can easily be scanned all at once instead of flipping through each ticket and holding up the line. This barcode would also include any add-ons like concession or merchandise purchases.

This list is just a quick glance at the capabilities that Showpass offers, but keep in mind we are adaptable and so is our software! To book a meeting with us to discuss how we can help you get tickets on sale, increase revenue, and keep everyone safe during Covid-19 book a demo with us here.