Christmas and Holiday Markets with Showpass

October 16, 2020

We recognize that no event is the same even if they share many similar qualities. Christmas markets are no exception. Each market highlights its cities uniqueness and approaches the event different, we have all the tools needed to host your unique Christmas market in whatever way you need. In this article we’ve provided details on two of of the large scale Christmas markets we’ve worked with as well as the other ideas we have for future markets.

"Showpass has a proven history with successfully hosting large scale Christmas markets with different venue styles and event needs."

Vancouver Christmas Market

This christmas market offered many different ticketing options including: 10th Anniversary Package, Thanksgiving Sale, Free Entrance Days if you paid with Interact (partnership with Interact) and Fast Pass (skip the entrance lineup). The event was hosted for 35 consecutive days. On top of admission tickets we also set up payment for food, beverage and merchandise. We worked with the operations of the Vancouver Christmas Market to set up Showpass Point of Sale locations across the market to handle transactions. In preparation for the Christmas market the client was assigned a dedicated account manager that attended the venue to provide hands on tech support, set up and training. Once the event was all up and running the account manager was only a short phone call away to help with any trouble shooting or questions the client had. In addition, Showpass also helped connect and arrange sponsorship for the event.

Festival Du Voyageur

This winter market offered a few different ticketing options as well including: Voyageur Passes (Festival Passes), and custom and multi-ticket bundles. This venue’s unique need was that they were very capacity sensitive. We worked closely with them to make sure that their ticketing (in combination with ticket bundles) was able to accurately forecast the number of guests that would be in attendance each day. We did this by including date selection when choosing a bundle, this way the venue was able to keep track of how many general admission passes they would sell. The other interesting factor that this winter market had was that it was city wide, so we provided tickets for many different popup events all over the city.

If you have a venue idea that could accommodate a christmas market or any other holiday/seasonal market we have all the tools needed to help you host safe and successful events during the pandemic.

More Showpass capabilities include:

  • Online time slot registration
  • Customizable registration capacity and guest inventory options
  • Venue or assigned seating selection abilities to track guest location within your venue
  • On-The-Fly global capacity reporting via Showpass App
  • Digital capacity counter to track the overall number of guests in your venue instantly
  • Contactless day-of selling on location
  • Contactless scanning & event intake
  • Self-serve scanning devices
  • Vendor POS sales tracking
  • SMS feature for event related  issues (such as weather issues)
  • Option to selling ad space on tickets
  • Tip option for food and beverage sales
  • External seller network to make any location or person a box-office

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