New Year Release: The Triple Threat of Waitlists, Ticket Resales, and Auto Discounts!

January 31, 2024

The confetti has settled, the champagne bottles are empty, and as we dive headfirst into 2024, we’re here to walk you through three of our shiniest new features.

Waitlists: Make Demand-Driven Decisions

Ready to gauge the pulse of your audience like never before? Introducing the all-new Waitlists feature! Now, even if your events are sold out, the show doesn't have to end. Allow your customers to join a waitlist, giving you valuable insight into public demand.

How would this look for your event?

  1. If tickets sell out quickly, potential attendees can join your waitlist, helping you gauge whether there's enough interest to increase inventory or plan additional sessions.
  2. Waitlists can act as a method for pre-sale access, this creates a sense of exclusivity, rewarding those who express early interest.
  3. Waitlists can also be used for vendor registration and approvals. Seamlessly collect, sort and screen potential vendors all in one place.

Ticket Resales: Because Every Seat Deserves To Be Filled

What if we told you that no ticket needs to go unused? Enter Ticket Resales, a feature designed to empower your customers to resell their tickets securely and fairly.  Did we mention it's a seamless, customer-friendly, and fully verified process?

Why did we create this feature?

  1. Our verified resale system simplifies ticket reselling with capped and clear pricing. By capping resale values, we block resellers from profiteering. This direct approach not only fills unused seats securely for organizers but also defends against reseller bots, preserving your event's integrity.

Auto Discounts: Encourage Savings & Promote Bigger Purchases

Revolutionizing the way you showcase discounts, our updated discount page now comes with a glamorous facelift. But that's not all - Auto Discounts take it a step further by applying savings to customers' baskets automatically. It's not just about encouraging larger purchases; it's about making the ticket-buying experience as thrilling as the event itself.

Why should you enable Auto Discounts?

  1. Auto Discounts encourage customers to make larger purchases than initially planned, enhancing the overall revenue for the event organizer and creating a sense of delight for attendees.

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