Facebook Official Events: 5 things you should know

March 22, 2019

Sure, the cat videos are fun. And the humble brag posts might amuse you. But there’s much, much more to Facebook – especially for marketers and event planning professionals like us. Consider Facebook Official Events. This event functionality can help increase ticket sales and put people in your seats. So, whether you’re promoting a concert, film festival, conference, sporting event or any live event, you need to make it Facebook Official.

Here’s why:

1. Being an Official Event is a big deal.

Being recognized as an Official Event by Facebook means your event gets preference in the Facebook algorithms. That means the event shows up in more newsfeeds, and more relevant newsfeeds. The people most likely to purchase tickets will be the ones getting visibility to your event.

2. Using online ticketing software means more ticket sales.

Facebook partners with select ticketing apps to offer the Official Event status. Showpass is one of them. Using this Canadian-grown tech company can help you capture all your event ticket sales, with box office functionality that’s designed for a quick sale.

3. Becoming Official gets more reach, easily.

Creating a Facebook Official Event through Showpass is simple. The Publish to Facebook function will pull in the image and event details from Showpass. On Facebook, there will be a link for ticket-buyers to purchase their pass from Showpass.

Does your event have celebrities or a great lineup of talent? Be sure your event is seen by anyone who follows them when using a Facebook ticketing platform. With Showpass, we will take care of all the legwork of verifying your talent, venue and promoters, and have the event show up in their feeds too.

4. Making event marketing easier.

Your Facebook Page's event tab will include all of your Facebook Official Events, so people can pick and choose among your offerings and easily register for your events. This means you won’t have to manually create a separate event on Facebook every time and you’ll have more time to work on other details of your event.

5. Measuring your success every step.

Showpass and Facebook provide analytics to help you determine if your ticket-selling strategy is working. Facebook page administrators can review views, reach and ticket sales. And with your Showpass account, you can see how much traffic and sales are coming from Facebook.

If you’re looking to expand your box office and increase your ticket sales, you best be considering the 2.3 billion people who use Facebook every month. The Facebook Official Event is an easy way to boost ticket sales, and comes with Showpass' ticketing platform- it may be just what you’re looking for. With years of experience in events, from large festivals to municipal conferences, Showpass knows how important it is to make marketing easier for event organizers. Visit our marketing page to see how our ticketing app is built to help you sell out events with social discounts, email and SMS tools, and more. Not selling tickets on Facebook, yet? Find out why you should and how to get the most out of marketing your event on your social media.