March 18, 2019

Why you should be selling your event tickets on Facebook.

You’ve lined up your event and now it’s time to start selling tickets. The people you want to reach tend to be on Facebook, so where do you begin? Here’s how to sell event tickets like a pro, by selling tickets on Facebook.

1. Facebook ticketing setup is easy & effective

Creating an event page in Facebook gives a friendlier vibe to your attendees, as well as making it easily discoverable for potentially interested guests. It’s so straightforward that you don’t even need your own website to kickoff ticket sales. It’s all done right from your Facebook event page, which is great.

Pro Tip: If you’re using a native Facebook ticketing solution like Showpass, create your event on Showpass first. Then, with a click of a button, have your Facebook event created automatically. Learn more.

2. Dramatically grow your audience with Facebook’s Official Events

If you use one of the full ticketing integrations that supports ‘Official Events’ (Showpass does!), Facebook recognizes your ticketed pages as an official event. This gives you preference in the Facebook algorithm and better visibility to a larger audience.

3. Fewer clicks, more buyers

You want your fans to purchase their tickets quickly, without giving it a second thought. Did you know 1 in 4 online buyers won’t complete a purchase that requires them to make an account? The more steps there are, the lower the likelihood they will complete the purchase. Facebook allows for purchases in as little as two clicks. At Showpass, we’ve seen our organizers get up to 3x higher sales using Facebook ticketing.

4. Promote with the power of Facebook’s network

Now it’s time to advertise. Set up your Facebook ads in Facebook Business Manager, target the people who are most likely to attend, and watch the sales roll in. Be sure to set up ads for early bird sales and don’t forget the last 72 hours – that’s when ticket purchases tend to spike.

5. Keep PPC advertising costs down

Facebook will reward you in step 4 if you sell your tickets within their platform. Why? Their strategy is to keep people on the site and within their app, so they will charge you less on your advertising if you sell your tickets directly on their platform. If you send them to a different website, the costs go up.

With years of experience in events from large festivals to municipal conferences, Showpass knows how important it is to make event marketing easier for organizers. That’s why we’re a native Facebook Ticketing Partner, which means it's easier for you to sell tickets on Facebook. We’ll take care of the hard work of verifying artists for Facebook, creating your Facebook event with the click of a button, and even push your data to your Facebook Pixel to help with your event marketing efforts.

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