Better Facebook Ticketing!

November 21, 2019

It’s always a blast when we get to share exciting features for our client's Showpass organizer account – and we've got something awesome to announce!

Drum roll please…


Starting now, clients can easily integrate and sell tickets through an existing Facebook event page whenever they want, making it easy for ticket buyers to purchase and keeping them on your Facebook Event page.

Animation showing the feature
How to connect Showpass and Ticketing to an existing Facebook Event

If you typically create your Facebook event pages before creating your Showpass event page, you’re gonna love this.

Just pop into your Showpass event dashboard and connect your Showpass Event to an existing Facebook Event page. Select the types of tickets you want to sell on Facebook, and you’re all set!

Ready to start connecting your ticket sales with Facebook? Hop on over to your Showpass events dashboard and link up your Showpass Events to Facebook now!

If you're looking for more information we put together a handy support article with more detail on how to link your existing Facebook Event pages to your Showpass Events in case you need it. We also made a page where you can learn about the benefits of Facebook Native ticketing.

Feel free to Shoot us a note - letting us know your thoughts about this update, or send over any questions that you have!