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Set up your Facebook Event page in 30 seconds

After you make your event on Showpass it only takes a couple clicks to build your Facebook Event because Showpass will push details from your existing description and photos.

Did you make your Facebook event before your Showpass event? No problem, you can also add ticketing to pre-existing Facebook Events.

Facebook is an event platform

130 million Facebook events in 2018

In 2019 Facebook announced that it will have an increased focus on bringing friends together with the power of events.

25 million ticket buyers find events every day, which makes it a top sales channel for successful event organizers.

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event ticketing live help
No extra cost

Facebook Ticketing is free with your plan

Showpass partnered with the world's largest social network to launch a new checkout experience for your Facebook events with no extra fees for you or your guests.

Facebook Official Events and Facebook Native ticketing are included in all our plans.

Summary of the facebook ticketing integration

9 ways Facebook ticketing
helps you sell out your event