Postponing, Cancelling & Refunding Events

April 13, 2020

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the experience for our organizers, we’re passing more control to you by allowing you to postpone, cancel and even refund your events!

Allowing organizers to postpone or cancel & refund  an event will give you the ability to make changes to your event in the chance that you many need to cancel or postpone due to unforeseen circumstances. This means that you no longer need to contact Showpass to make these amendments.

A few things to note:

Postponing Events

Putting an event in a Postponed state will change the date displayed to TBD and add 60 days onto the original end date. The event will still be on sale and customers can still purchase tickets for when the event occurs.

To use this feature, you will need to go to an event and click on the drop down menu. You should see the options to either Postpone or Cancel and Refund the event depending on your organization. Once new dates are confirmed, simply update the dates of the event and switch the status back to active. This will update the event start and end date.

Cancelling and Refunding Events

If for whatever reason you have to cancel and refund your event, click on the dropdown menu and select Cancel and Refund. There are two refund options: one to charge the organizer and another to charge the customer for our fees. Please note that you can not reactive an event once it has already been cancelled.

This new feature gives organizers more control since you no longer need to reach out to Showpass in order to make these changes. For additional help check out the link to the support articles for Postponing and Cancelling and Refunding events