Thank You Emails and Reviews

May 21, 2021

Thank you emails are a great way for organizers to show appreciation to their guests, while also gathering reviews and ratings from them!

To enable thank you emails for your organization head over to your Organization Info page, and update the options under the Thank You Emails tab.

Once enabled, automatic thank you emails are sent to each customer after an event has concluded. Each email is customizable to contain a thank you message, a prompt to leave the event organizer a review/rating or a list of upcoming events. These emails are a great touch point for organizers to gain honest feedback from their customers based off of their experience with the event.

To review your organizer feedback, head over to the Network Management section in the dashboard and select Ratings. Here you’ll see your venues rating and be able to view comments left for you. These reviews are not made public and are only for the organizer to view.

We believe that these emails will help organizers understand their customer base more, while gaining valuable insights into their customer experience.

Please note that there is a fee for each automatic email at a default rate of $0.05.