Pre-Authorized Debits

July 7, 2021

Showpass now offers a more convenient way to pay for any invoices! You can avoid the hassle of trying to get payments set up and sent by agreeing to Pre-Authorized Debits. Pre-Authorized debits can sound scary, but most people have them already set up for monthly payments of utilities or phone bills.

In order to agree to Pre-Authorized Debits, you will need to go into your organizer profile and go to the payment details and authorizations tab. Ensure your banking details are correct and up to date, and then you will just need to check off the agreement boxes. Once you have agreed, anytime money is owed from you to Showpass, the money will get debited from your account in a timely fashion.

Once you have agreed, Showpass will debit money from your account any time you are invoiced - saving you valuable time!