Order Barcodes

August 14, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest feature, Order Barcodes, designed to streamline guest check-in and simplify the entry process at your events. Order Barcodes is an exciting new addition to our Universal Barcodes feature, extending the convenience of a single barcode to customers using guest checkout.

No more searching and scrolling through multiple PDFs or emails; Order Barcodes allows guests to present a single QR code for quick and efficient check-in. Customers will receive a single QR code in their email that contains all items within their order. While separate item orders and PDFs assist some customers and event organizers in keeping products and tickets organized, for certain events we have noticed inefficiencies in the check-in process due to customers needing to scan multiple barcodes for separate products. By providing a centralized QR code, we aim to eliminate this for affected clients. This enhancement ensures a seamless and hassle-free entry process, enhancing the overall guest experience and reducing scanning time.

While our Universal Barcode has been available for Showpass customers for some time, it is not supported for guests without a Showpass account. This update bridges the gap by extending the Universal Barcode option to customers who check out as guests. Now, all attendees, regardless of their checkout process, will have access to the convenience of a single QR code for their entire order.

With the introduction of Order Barcodes, we are committed to simplifying guest check-in at your events with unique ticketing and product requirements. By providing a single QR code containing all items within the order directly in their email, we aim to enhance the entry process and minimize the challenges associated with managing multiple PDFs. This feature reinforces our dedication to delivering an exceptional event experience for both you and your guests.

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