New Employee Permissions

August 15, 2023

We are excited to announce our new Employee Permissions that addresses the needs of more complex organizations by introducing extended employee permissions. With these new permissions, you are now able to give your employees more independence in managing your events.

Permissions_In text.png

The first key addition is the "Manage Check-in Presets" permission. Now, employees with this permission can create, edit, and delete check-in presets, ensuring a smooth check-in experience for scanning staff and event attendees. Those without the permission can still use and apply presets without the ability to make changes.

Next, we’ve added the "Administer Transactions" permission, allowing authorized team members to refund, void, and resend confirmation emails for any transactions. This feature enables seamless transaction handling while maintaining financial privacy by restricting access to transaction totals.

With the "View Events" permission, designated employees can access comprehensive event stats and details without the ability to make changes to the event. This offers employees valuable insights into event performance and attendee data while ensuring data integrity by limiting event modification access, unless they have been granted the “Manage Event” permission.

Additionally, we have incorporated permissions specifically related to box office transactions. Cash refunds, credit card sales and transactions using other payment types are now able to be facilitated by employees given the appropriate permissions set by the organizer. The "Cash Refunds" permission allows authorized employees to process cash refunds directly from the transactions page, avoiding the need for an organizer to step in when a customers requests a cash refund. The "Credit Box Office Sales" permission enables the organizer to allow or restrict the processing of ticket sales via credit card payments. Similarly, the "Other Payment Type” permission allows organizers to manage who may facilitate ticket sales using alternative payment types, maintaining finical security while avoiding the need for organizer assistance in accepting diverse payment types.

Lastly, we recognize that not all employees require the same permissions to different events. To maintain organizer privacy while allowing for employee independence, our update now features event-based permissions. Organizers can now grant team members permissions to certain events while restricting access to others, allowing for more flexibility with assigning employees to certain events.