Group Sales

May 17, 2023

By digitizing your group sales and distribution process with Showpass' Group Sales feature, you can save time and effort while offering a streamlined ticket purchasing experience to your sponsors, partners, and customers.

As an event organizer or venue, managing group sales for sponsors and partners can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why Showpass has introduced a new Group Sales & Distribution portal, allowing you to digitize and streamline your ticket distribution process, saving you time in allocating tickets.

Group Sales - Transparent.png

With Showpass' new Group Sales feature, you can assign sponsors and partners as distributors allowing third parties to allocate tickets, products and memberships on your behalf, while tracking your ticket sales according to distinct distributors. Two distribution employee types of ‘Group Sale Manager’ and ‘Group Sale Distributor,’ have been added to manage these group sales. Distributors are able to transfer tickets individually or in bulk via CSV document, while Customers can also return, and transfer tickets from distributors, just as if they were purchased from the venue directly.

To learn more about group sales, reach out to your Client Success Manager.