Event Stats Page

November 30, 2022

Stay on top of your event's performance with Showpass' updated event status page, featuring an easy-to-read ticket type breakdown table.

Showpass understands that event organizers need to stay informed about their event's performance in order to make the best decisions. That's why we've updated our event status page to include a new ticket type breakdown table that provides organizers with more in-depth data than ever before. With columns for ‘Ticket Type’, ‘Redeemable Tickets’, ‘Check In’, ‘Paid Tickets’, ‘Comp/Free’ ‘Tickets’, ‘Discounts’, ‘Gross Revenue’ and ‘Net Revenue’, organizers have access to all the key metrics they need to analyze their event's performance.

Whether you're trying to improve attendance, increase revenue or optimize your ticket pricing strategy, Showpass' updated event status page provides the data you need to make informed decisions.