Discounts on Products and Memberships

July 4, 2023

We are excited to announce our enhanced Discounts feature, offering increased flexibility for event organizers. Now, in addition to ticket types, you can provide discounts on products and memberships, allowing you to customize even more promotions and offers for your audience.


Our enhanced Discounts feature now gives you the ability to now create discounts that apply to tickets, products and memberships, giving you more control over your promotional strategies. Tailor your discount settings to meet your specific needs while applying them to different products or membership types, allowing for a new level of flexibility with your marketing objectives.

Get ready to step up your promotions with our enhanced Discounts feature! To learn more about utilizing the enhanced Discounts feature, follow the links below.

To learn more about Discounts, click here!

To learn more about Membership discounts, click here!

To learn more about Product discounts, click here!