Digital Passes

May 21, 2022

With Showpass' new Digital Pass feature, organizers are able to offer a more convenient event check-in experience.

Showpass customers can now take advantage of the ability to download their tickets to their Apple or Google Wallets as digital passes. This feature enhances the branding capacity for Showpass clients while providing greater convenience for customers to easily store and access their ticket. Digital tickets also makes for a more streamlined scanning process on event day, making for a more efficient and stress-free event experience for both customers and organizers.

With this new feature, organizers have the ability to customize Digital Passes with their logos, unique brand colours, icons and banner images. This enables clients to reinforce their branding and increase exposure to make their event even more unforgettable. This feature provides an extra measure of fraud prevention for organizers as well given that when a ticket has been scanned or redeemed, the option to add a Digital Pass to the wallet is removed. This ensures that the ticket is only used once, providing a secure and reliable solution for ticket distribution.

To have this feature enabled, please reach out to your client success manager.