Branded Sponsorship Portals

July 4, 2023

Introducing Branded Sponsorship Portals, designed to make sponsorship and event partnerships easier than ever before! With Branded Sponsorship Portals, you can now reserve a specific number of tickets for your sponsors or partnering companies, allowing their guests to purchase discounted or comped tickets directly from you.

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Branded Sponsorship Portals feature the simplicity of Group Sales without the need for an upfront bulk ticket purchase by a distributor. Reserving a specific number of tickets for each sponsor or partnering company ensures that their guests will have access to the designated tickets without tying up your inventory. Branded Sponsorship Portals serves to eliminate the need for a middle man as well as a large influx of cash upfront, offering an even simpler way of getting your tickets into customers’ hands.

Branded Sponsorship Portals allow you to customize your own landing pages, from which tickets placed on a branded sponsorship hold can be purchased from. Your personalized landing pages will showcase your sponsors or partners and allow their guests to easily access and purchase the reserved tickets. These pages can be tailored to reflect you and your sponsor’s branding, messaging and specific sponsorship agreements, providing a cohesive and immersive experience for your sponsors and their guests.

Assigned Seating will soon be compatible with Branded Sponsorship Portals, allowing for an event sponsor to reserve the best seats in the house. Their guests will be able to select the seats that best suit their preferences, saying goodbye to the seating confusion that sponsored sections can sometimes create.

Strengthen your sponsor relationships, streamline your ticket sales and enhance the overall event experience for your customers. Simplify the ticketing process for all parties involved and get started with Branded Sponsorship Portals today!

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