Exciting new features

Schedule booking

Timeslot booking events

The scheduling booking system allows customers to browse dates and timeslots far into the future for your event. You can control and maximize attendance at any particular time.

Create booking schedule

Create schedules for your events. Repeat over different days and assign ticket types.

Create exceptions

Create exceptions effortlessly for certain times.

Capacity control

Full control and visibility of venue capacity. Ensuring your maximizing attendance and sticking with regulations


Pay gated Livestreams

Showpass’ all-in-one Pay gated Livestream solution allows organizers to sell “tickets” for Livestreams and hide the video behind an authenticated page where user must be logged into the Showpass account that made the purchase.

Hybrid events

Sell livestream tickets alongside regular tickets to supplement limited capacity in-person shows.

All-in-one solution

The customer is required to create a Showpass account to purchase Livestreams. Once purchased, the customer accesses the Livestream through their Showpass account. No external downloads, or redirects required.

No redirects

The customer is not required to download any external programs, or visit another website to view the Livestream.