Vancouver Christmas Market

December 22, 2022

For 13 years, Vancouver has been treated to an extra special twinkle from this charming Christmas village renowned for its European-style market and stunning seaside views. The Vancouver Christmas Market (VCM) has been celebrating the traditional style of the old-world German holiday market since 2010. Ever since its creation, it has (rightfully so) been a resident on almost every single ‘Top Christmas Market’ list around the world!

The face behind VCM, Malte Kluetz the CEO, moved from Germany to Canada in the early 90s. Then, in 2010 he created the market we all know and love today.

“It took me 20 years here to realize my dream. I’m pretty excited how things progressed over the years.” Malte Kluetz, CEO

One of the most recognizable highlights of the market is its German Christmas pyramid that stands over the venue. This wooden masterpiece is a traditional Christmas decoration in Germany, that usually sits at the centre of the table. It is said that this wooden pyramid could have been the predecessor of the Christmas tree! Kluetz wanted it to hold the same importance at his Christmas Market as it does in German households, so he placed this traditional structure smack dab in the centre of the market and it has been the main focal point ever since.

Although the market is strongly rooted in the tradition of the German Christkindlmarkt, the team likes to keep things interesting by introducing new attractions every year! Their most recent addition is their Tunnel of Love. The Tunnel of Love is comprised of over 500,000 lights that create the perfect environment for a romantic stroll. The Tunnel of Love isn’t the only larger-than-life attraction at this incredible market, it also features a 30-foot walk-in Christmas tree, a classic carousel and so much more.

But the main attraction for many is the food, and we can’t blame them! It is only right that VCM has some of the best food in Vancouver, as Christmas markets in Germany originally started as a means for the town to gather and share their homemade goodies! As you stroll down the isles, you will pass tons of food hauses that have traditional offerings like fresh baked European-style sourdough, bratwurst, schnitzel, Glühwein (hot-spiced mulled wine) and more.

The Vancouver Christmas Market has become a holiday tradition for many of Showpass’ team members, as we fly out every year! Our team always comes back to the Showpass HQ armed with plenty of stories, one-too-many ugly Christmas sweaters and tons of Christmas cheer. We can’t wait to see what VCM has in store for next year!

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