Food Truck Festivals of America

June 7, 2022

Food Truck Festivals of America (FTFA) has been bringing attendees and participating food trucks the best festival experience possible since 2011!

“Our first festival at The Pinehills in Plymouth, MA featured eight trucks…and 4,000 people showed up. We were stunned. Then came our second. 12 trucks and 6,000 people. Then our third. 18 trucks and 10,000 people. At that point, we knew we were onto something big.” - Food Truck Festivals of America

With destination events across America, FTFA take pride in their focus on quality, which means that each event has a diverse variety when it comes down to what’s trending locally as well as some yummy treats for your taste buds. Their goal is not only to introduce communities across the country to the booming phenomenon of gourmet food trucks, but to support the small business owners who run them!

Each event is produced and marketed by a team of foodies with a passion for what they do, ensuring the festival is an experience to remember! “Our events draw in thousands of attendees, and it’s up to our team to give them a day filled with food, drinks, and fun.” - Food Truck Festivals of America

Food Truck Festivals of America is a family of food lovers and are always looking to bring in more foodies to their community. From their #FoodieOfficial group on social media to their broadcast advertising on radio and cable news, FTFA aims to build a fun and full community. With multiple events throughout the nation each year, anyone can come down and enjoy a curated food and drink experience.

“A small group of hardworking individuals driven to create the best food truck festivals possible.”

Their headquarters in Stoughton, Massachusetts, is no ordinary office... it is full of bright and colourful walls, a plentiful selection of food and drinks, arcade games, a pool table, basketball, and more! There’s always an opportunity to take a quick break when working to shoot some hoops or try to reach a new high score in Ms. Pac Man or Frogger. “Owner and Operating Manager Anthony Pepe’s philosophy is to work hard while also having a casual and relaxed team-based working environment.” - Food Truck Festivals of America

The team at FTFA prioritize de-stressing and having fun and they carry this work philosophy to each festival to ensure attendees are in for a fun time!

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