The Nightbreed

October 19, 2021

The Nightbreed is an energetic organization full of music, fun, inclusivity and love. Born from a passion to support the 2SLGBTQ+ community and desire for music, The Nightbreed is so much more than a fabulous nightclub. It is a supportive family for all the misfits, creating a space for authentic expression and inclusivity.

Founder, Noir D Costas launched The Nightbreed in LA five years ago with an intent to create a unique platform for the 2SLGBTQ+ community to celebrate, enjoy Pride, and uplift 2SLGBTQ+ voices. Noir D Costas vision for acoustic parties bloomed from his personal passion for DJing, event production and being a musician. As Noir dialled in to what he loves as an artist, he also created a space for 2SLGBTQ+ minorities to use a platform, play and be artistic. To this day he is still a DJ and musician, thriving in the nightlife.

As time passed, The Nightbreed skyrocketed and grew into additional event avenues and electrifying rooftop parties. They are now the preferred vendor for W hotels worldwide where they host rooftop and pool party events. In the beginning, they had to use their grit and drive to battle industry standards. They did not want to be a typical nightclub promoter and maintained their vision to treat everyone the same at their events with inclusivity and respect. They are changing the nightclub scene from the inside out by vowing to never overlook cultures. Through their journey, The Nightbreed pushed to retain talented artists among large corporate producers in the nightclub world. Overcoming these challenges, they are proud to now be working with an array of notable artists such as Felix da Housecat, Dirtybird, Dances With White Girls and more. They started with one event a year and have flourished into creating 200 events this year!

“We are a community-based brand championing the little guys.”

Maintaining their roots, The Nightbreed remains a minority driven community. They strive to share their stages with smaller minority acts so they can play with pronounced artists and have their voices discovered. The Nightbreed team is multiracial and multicultural, and they are humbled to be a minority led company for minorities.

Originally starting in the EDM music world, The Nightbreed has expanded this year to live music with bands and the hip hop scene. They are making sure every demographic can enjoy their events by evolving their music breadth. On top of this, they are growing locations and extending their hotel presence to Texas, Mexico and Miami over the next year. They are killing it in the game and giving space to others to share in it!

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