April 13, 2022

Creator Stories: Capitol Music Club

An environment for local music talent.

Capitol Music Club has taken the entertainment scene by storm by bringing lively productions to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Originating in 2014, a group of high school friends bought a local music venue, Lydias, in their hometown. “It all started as a plan to rescue Lydias Pub from its downward spiral, closure and eventual demolition. These four high school friends Matt, Mark, Leot and Mitch with their mutual love for Lydias and the music scene in general, pooled their assets, ideas, and contacts together and made a bid to buy the ailing Lydias,” notes Capitol Music Club. They took over the old venue, moved it downtown, and built their vision of a wicked live music experience from scratch!

The first six months of Capitol Music Club involved in-depth renovations where the team rebuilt everything from scratch including the kitchen, bar, bathrooms, menus, and more. Over the past few years, they have continued to build out their kitchen and recently added a remarkable chef, and new equipment. Over time, they have developed a phenomenal kitchen, that now boasts a solid menu full of house made pub-style food, 23 lines of draught, and well over 150 back bar beer, and wine options.

The remaining founder’s Mitch Lupichuk and Leot Hanson have continued the success of Capitol Music Club and turned it into a hub-spot for community and music in Saskatoon. Notably, Leot is a four time Juno Award Winner with the Sheepdogs and holds several gold and platinum records. With this remarkable background, they have deep connections and contacts in the music scene.

Capitol Music Club has been a stepping stone for many acts in Saskatchewan that have now bloomed into bigger artists. Epic names like The Glorious Sons and Blind Melon have performed at the local music venue. Even with a 300 room cap, this space is killing it and constantly hosting outstanding musicians. As a venue in a smaller town, Capitol Music Club is incredibly proud to be a cultural hub and to offer a place for artists to hone their skills.

“Our number one priority is to bring amazing entertainment of all kinds to Saskatoon. We also take great pride in facilitating an environment for our local talents to build and showcase their skills in a public forum.”

With strong values of inclusion, Capitol Music Club is a space where people feel like they belong. Along with inclusivity, the team is focused on positivity and creating the best customer experience whether it is from ensuring the best possible sounding show or the quality of food.

They are constantly supporting fundraisers and promoting them to the max. The team enjoys getting creative with these partnering events and likes to work with as many charities as possible! Currently, the team is focused on an SPC Cancer Society fundraising event.

With a ten-year milestone coming up quickly, Capitol Music Club plans to continue providing the best live entertainment and can’t wait to throw a music filled celebration when they hit the ten year mark!