November 24, 2021

Boodang is a prominent name in the Canadian music scene that is fuelled by self-expression and a love of music! Going 22 years strong as an independent promoter, they have one of the world’s largest music communities full of dedicated fans. It all started in the mid 90’s when founders, Martin and Paul Boodang were going to rave events and fell in love with the scene and the people. By 1999, along with the internet boom, they had the idea to start a website to promote raves and take pictures at raves. From here, was born! In 2004, Viet Nguyen joined Boodang as another partner, bringing valuable experience from running a previous company. Starting with one event in 1999 at the gravel pit in Wypress, they now host spectacular events at the largest venues across Western Canada.

Boodang believes in building unique brands and experiences at their shows and festivals, which includes having diverse lineups. No genre is off-limits making for well-rounded and highly inclusive events. The team believes in equality, love and respect for all. Boodang is devoted to making their events a safe haven for anyone who wishes to experience them.

Stellar lineups are a given, but the company also focuses on sparing no expense on production and decor, which has allowed the company to produce record-breaking events. Their amazing show elements take music to the next level and transport guests into a themed experience. Check out some photos below from their notable events over the years!

“Boodang is a place where individuals are shaped and dreams become reality.”

As one of the largest independent promoters in Canada, Boodang bring a relentless drive to provide top quality experiences to their audience and are building on event brands that will span decades to come.

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