Motorsport Industry Association Canada with Showpass

October 16, 2020

The Motorsport Industry Association Canada (MIAC) and Showpass have been partnered together for nearly a year now, and we are happy to report on the success of this partnership! Since November, Showpass has signed on 40% of the MIAC members to use as their primary ticketing platform. These speedways have had an 18% revenue increase on average and 85% are selling more items or packages than they were previously. Phil Nelles, President & Director of MIAC has endorsed Showpass, saying they are happy to continue working with Showpass as they have been excellent at explaining the platform and technologies to their members, and efficiently handled ticketing for our most complex speedways in the Country.

“Motorsport Industry Association Canada (MIAC), has had great success working with Showpass. We have worked together to develop solutions for our members who have never used an online ticketing platform. Using Showpass is helping our members increase their revenue and simplify their administrative workload. Showpass support is awesome! Our members are always just a phone call away from assistance.” - Phil Nelles, President & Executive Director at Motorsport Industry Association Canada

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