The ultimate way to make your ticket lineups shorter at the door.

May 30, 2019

According to a report by Grand View Market Research, the online event ticketing market size was valued at a whopping $47 billion in 2017 – and is expected to grow by five percent every year by 2025, worldwide. The growing trend of using either a computer or a mobile application for buying tickets online is obviously going to impact this growth. And the catch is that customers want to avoid standing in long queues, yet want the flexibility of making last-minute ticket buying decisions. This tells us two things – it’s critical to sell your tickets online, and it’s even more important to make that process even easier and faster. Showpass now has the ultimate way for you to make your ticket lineups shorter.

QuickQ QR Code Ticketing Banner

Say hello to QuickQ

Showpass has launched an exciting new feature called ‘QuickQ’ that shortens lineups by letting event attendees easily purchase tickets with a scan and a couple of taps.

Here’s how QuickQ works

Your customers are at your event venue and see a poster with a Quick Response – or QR – code on it. They take out their smartphone, scan that code and – before you can say ‘QuickQ’ – they have their tickets loaded in their shopping cart. In a few taps, they've paid and are ready to have their e-tickets scanned for entry. You just saved your fans from waiting in a line, from digging for their cash or credit card, and from feeling frustrated by long lines and even walking away from your event.

The list of benefits goes on

With QuickQ, you’ll be able to customize what goes into your customers’ cart initially – how about two general admission tickets? (Of course customers can remove or add items before the final purchase.) And you can re-program your QR codes for different events on different dates, which allows event organizers to save on re-printing posters, banners or other materials that display the scan code.

Tracking cash sales at the door can be tricky. With QuickQ, organizers can now have some visibility into those last minute door sales, seeing where and how those payments are coming through.

With ticket purchases through smartphones and tablets expected to grow five percent year over year before 2025, QuickQ allows guests to commit to your event – faster and easier than ever.

If you’re selling tickets at the door and you don’t want your potential customers exiting Stage Left at the long line-ups in front of them, check out Showpass’ point-of-sale functionality to keeps things running smoothly at the door. Talk to our team at Showpass or check to see how our technology can help you capture all your event ticket sales, online and at the door.