‍Showpass Introduces: Group Sales & Distribution Portal— Making Sponsorships a Breeze

May 3, 2023

Calgary-based ticketing and event discovery company, Showpass, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Group Sales & Distribution Portal. Showpass is the first to introduce a dedicated portal for sponsors to distribute tickets, products, and memberships in tandem with event organizers. This solution simplifies the distribution process and provides a single digital platform to manage and track event inventory in real time with sponsors and partners.

Additionally, Group Sales makes selling batches of tickets to the sponsors and partners effortless by removing the need for multiple ticket types, discount codes and other types of messy work-arounds. On top of that, the onus is no-longer on the event organizer to distribute tickets since Showpass’ Distribution Portal allows sponsors to manage inventory allocation to their network on their own, without organizer intervention. Not only does this tool save time, but it also negates the need for physical tickets and therefore physical distribution.

"Sponsors play a vital role in K-Days success, and every year we have to dedicate many hours to distributing tickets to our sponsor’s networks. This simple task has quickly evolved into a manual and time consuming workload for our team. Now with Group Sales as an option, we will save so much time!"- K-Days

The digital solution also enhances inventory management, event tickets will never go unused with the Distribution Portal allowing sponsors to void and re-distribute guest tickets when needed.

“Our goal has always been to build tools that move discovery and event technology forward. We saw a gap in the market with the current way clients and prospects were dealing with distribution, so our development team got to work and created a relatively simple solution with large impact.”-Showpass' Longstanding Director of Product, Marc Eshleman.

By introducing features like this, Showpass empowers event organizers to reduce their labour, reduce costs and save their valuable time. Group Sales is available now, and can be added to any existing Showpass Organizer account for no additional fee.

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