Showpass Announces FREE Ticket Exchanges, Prioritizing The Customer Experience

June 29, 2023

Showpass, event ticketing and discovery platform, is challenging the norms of the ticketing industry by offering free features that put event organizers and their customers first. One of the recent game-changing features introduced by Showpass is Free Exchanges. Exchanges allow buyers to take control of their pre-purchased tickets and easily find new time-slots or events that align with their schedule.

By providing this self-serve technology, Showpass eliminates the need for event-goers to rely on organizers and eliminates the manual exchange process for event organizers. Not only does this save time for both parties, but it also offers organizers an alternative to ticket refunds.

Lucas McCarthy, CEO of Showpass, emphasizes the company's dedication to prioritizing clients and their customers, stating, "Our pivot towards free features reflects our belief in putting our partners and guests above all else.“

Other players in the ticketing industry continue to impose additional fees. Vox interviews revealed “StubHub charges a “fulfillment fee” for tickets the customer prints out at home, Lawrence said that there’s a “flat fee for PDF-type tickets because … the seller has to upload it.”

In contrast, Showpass has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from event organizers for its introduction of Free Exchanges. This positive response stems from the shared goal of making the customer the most important player in the ticketing ecosystem.

The official launch of Free Exchanges just went live, allowing all event organizers the option to enable this feature for their events on Showpass.

"It is time the industry starts prioritizing our attendees and excelling in customer experience, and that's exactly what Showpass pledges to do. This is the new ticketing," states Lucas McCarthy

To learn more about enabling Free Exchanges, read more here.