Sell Tickets Everywhere With Showpass’ New Discovery and Distribution Initiative

March 3, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of Showpass’ new discovery and distribution initiative for Things to Do, Showpass Connect!

With Connect, ticketing softwares or systems can integrate their inventory with the top distribution and discovery platforms across Canada, creating more reach and more sales. Siloed ticketing is a thing of the past as Connect opens the marketplace by utilizing a variety of discovery channels for ticket sales.

Showpass Connect leverages the combined 1.1M monthly western Canadians visiting Showpass along with the millions of visitors accessing Showpass Connect distribution partner platforms. Connect is Showpass’ discovery system that puts ticket inventory on every leading platform, not just one.

How It Works

In an easy four-step process, Showpass Connect saves event organizers from having to directly market across digital channels. Simply submit a portion of passes to be published and distributed to regional media outlets, blogs, and event discovery websites.

Showpass Connect helps:

- get ticket inventory in front of more customers

- event organizers save years on building distribution partners

- reach customers exploring events on other websites

- integrate events with Canada’s leading event promotional channels

Stay tuned for what’s to come as Showpass brings on MORE distribution, MORE partners, and MORE discovery.